For Friday December 9 - the day after the conference - we have organized 5 international masterclasses for our delegates. You can register for a masterclass at the same time as you register for the conference.

The value of these masterclasses far exceeds the price - itSMF Estonia, together with the masterclass facilitators, has agreed on heavily discounted prices to make these affordable for our practitioners. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique offering.

For best results, we recommend sending at least 2 people from your organisation to any one masterclass - the discussions after the event will double the value!


Dave Snowden's Masterclass
Cynefin, complexity, and sense-making for agile leaders
Cognitive Edge

The masterclass is designed for people working in constantly-evolving, dynamic situations, dealing daily with uncertainty and risk and building organisations that are both resilient and innovative. We take the latest scientific theory, blend it with practical exercises and abundant examples for a unique and refreshing approach to how to manage organisations and deal with highly complex problems.

We dive into complexity theory - and how to apply it in organisations; how to make better decisions, dependent on the situation; cognitive neuroscience - and how it can shape how we build and communicate in organisations; and how to understand and shape narrative - and through it culture.

Participants will gain an understanding of how to develop organisational capacity for:

  • Cultural transformation and change
  • Building organisational resilience
  • Engaging employee-wide scanning for opportunity and threat
  • Leveraging emergence for innovation, cross-silo knowledge transfer, and accelerated employee indoctrination
  • Stimulating beneficial self-organisation within managed constraints

Target audience: CIOs, IT Directors, Programme Managers, Project Managers, Team Leads, Product Owners

Capacity: 12 delegates

Friday, December 9, 09:00 - 16:00 (Room A)

DevOps Business Simulation

DevOps is about collaboration, communication, and integration between Software Development teams and IT Operations teams with the objective to deliver faster and more reliable software products and services to the organisation. Bridge-it addresses specifically the communication and collaboration requirements of DevOps, and addresses the fact that Software Development and IT Operations teams often have a different mindset, different objectives, and a different set of processes to work with.

1 team, 1 task, 1 mission!

Participants will have demonstrated their understanding of:

  • DevOps principles of collaboration, communication and integration between Software Development and IT Operations
  • The importance of communication and collaboration between Software Development and IT Operations

Target audience: all ITSM professionals

Capacity: 16 delegates

Detailed description (PDF)

Friday, December 9, 09:00 - 12:30 (Room B)

Stuart Rance's Masterclass
Managing Major Problems
Optimal Service Management

Every organization has to manage major problems, as well as major incidents, but the only guidance on this topic in the whole of ITIL says "After every major problem you should carry out a major problem review". This workshop will help you to think about what a major problem is, how you can distinguish it from a major incident, and how you can manage major problems to ensure you do the right things.

The workshop will include a mix of presentations and practical exercises. Some of the topics we will cover include * Distinguishing incidents and problems * Distinguishing major incidents and major problems * Discussion of examples of major problem management * Steps for managing major problems * Diagnosis techniques * Workarounds

Target audience: Process Managers, Service Desk Managers, Service Desk Analysts, ITSM Team Leads

Capacity: 12 delegates

Friday, December 9, 09:00 - 12:30 (Room C)

Christian Tijsmans' Masterclass
Bringing ITIL Practitioner to life with Lego Serious Play
Connect The Dotz

In this fun and hands-on workshop, participants will explore the potential of LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY© in supporting an ITSM transformation journey.

You will explore the current role of IT and ITSM in your organization and the potential for the future through a series of exercises that might lead you to surprising insights. The guiding principles of ITIL Practitioner will truly come to life by putting your hands on the bricks.

Make no mistake - although it is play, it is very serious business. Christian has used this method successfully with IT managers and technical staff as well as business directors, CEOs, mayors, marketeers, VPs, HR professionals, etc. Many of them skeptical at first but enthusiastic after they experienced this unique method first-hand.

Target audience: all ITSM professionals

Capacity: 12 delegates

Friday, December 9, 13:00 - 16:30 (Room C)

Piia Karvonen's Masterclass
How to use CMDB without an ITSM tool
Symfoni ESM

Do you think the CMDB is an island with boring technical information about devices only? Are you planning to implement one but don't know where to start? Get ready to adjust your brain for visualization of the purpose and the use of the CMDB in practice - see if you have it all covered! Be prepared to participate in a fun and easy game as a way to learn how to model and utilize your service(s) without using any ITSM tool.

During the game you will go through the process of a business idea evolving into demand, to a part of a product catalogue, and into an order-able item in the service catalogue. You will also see why it's so important to collect data from the user when they order their services through the portal, and how that will affect the Configuration Item maintenance. You will also learn which areas you need to take into consideration and where to start when deciding about the scope of your SACM implementation.

Target audience: all ITSM professionals

Capacity: 12 delegates

Detailed description (PDF)